About me. Darin the photographer
About me. Darin the photographer
About me. Darin the photographer
About me. Darin the photographer
About me. Darin the photographer


Photography — my love and my business 

We’ve been together since 2007 and it changed my life 

And the life of people I photograph

I believe photography has such an extraodinary power and it lives in every moment 

Welcome to my web site!

About me. Darin the photographer

About love

It is about love stories, weddings and families


About me. Darin the photographer

About content

It is about advertising and pics for web sites and social media  


About me. Darin the photographer

About travelling

and about travel lovers


About me. Darin the photographer

How did you become the photographer?

I have always enjoyed looking at pictures: details and beautiful moments; I came to a photo studio after graduating high school, and became an assistant of photographer at first.

I was holding  a reflector and lights, had a lot of practice and after one year became a junior photographer at weddings. 

And then I became a full time partner. I shot my first wedding in  2007. Since that time the clients from that wedding and I became good friends and now they have two daughters, I’m their family photographer now.

The same happens with many of my clients. I’m grateful for their trust; 

What is your style of photo?

My style of shooting is lifestyle photo; it is simple moments of life shown from the beautiful perspective.

Beauty is in simple life. Our daily routine can be a resource if we enjoy every moment. Photography can be therapy, it can help you enjoy the life and appreciate it more;

My goal is  to return you to the happiest place and time im your life, so you can relax and enjoy yourself at the shooting. Only when we are relaxed we can create and enjoy;

I would love to help you become happier and more content at the shooting and the pictures will inevitably show it.

Which services do you provide?

I shoot ordinary people in their simple important moments;
expert shooting for business content, social networks or personal web sites; portfolio for actors.

You can read more on page “SERVICES”

How do you edit your pictures?

I edit pictures in professional photography programs (by Adobe) in the most natural way to keep all life emotions;

 I only edit some of them for correct light and colour and for some of them I do smart retouch — correction of skin and details; I can choose pictures for retouch myself or you can do that — whatever is more convenient;

What I do not do in post editing: I do not iron your skin to make it plastic and your emotions unnatural. My main goal is to shoot perfectly, and after that to edit them well

What is a format of the shooting?

You can choose the type of shoot and contact me by the most convenient way (in contacts)

We discuss what you would like to see in pictures — any wishes and ideas are welcome.

We book the date after pre-payment (you can do this via my site) 

I organize everything  for the shooting myself — I can recommend the places, photo studio or make up and style artists;

When we understand the format of shooting, I can help you with your look (I work with system of colour types, so I can explain what exactly could be perfect for your face)

We meet at the place 10-15 mins before shooting — to get to know each other better;

In the process I help with posing  — how to stand and move in front of the camera and look more neutral

I show you pics on the screen of the camera, so you will understand how it all looks;

You will receive first edited 10-15 pics (preview) on the same evening via link on my site (only you can see them)

The rest of the pictures will be ready in 3 weeks;

If you would like to have pics earlier — it’s possible for extra charge.

What about price?

There are many options of prices  — it depends on the goal of the shooting and how many people will be in front of the camera 

Cost is starting from 50 USD per shooting
The most popular one is 150 USD or 200 USD

How can I book the date?

Write me, please, by the most convenient way in contact or leave your information in the form below — I will contact you and find the perfect way of shooting

About me. Darin the photographer

Would you like to know more or book your shoot?

Please, don’t hestitate to ask me — just leave  your info in form or write me directly via contact in menu

* I don’t save your private information or send it to others